The influence of attention in increasing sports performance in football at the age of 7-10 years

Authors: Gheorghe Dan Fetean, Gheorghe Monea, Marius Roșca


 Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, “Babeş-Bolyai” University Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Background. The concept of uniform training of children and juniors in football is a requirement that has been increasingly expressed by many technicians. The improvement of distributive attention and focused attention plays an important role in increasing sports performance. 

Aims. The study aims to examine the relationship between attention and sports performance. 

Methods. Attention was assessed using two testers: the EM – 05.48 C focused attention tester and the combined EM – 05.54, EM 05.55 distributive attention tester

Results. Following the tests applied, it was found that football players’ performance increased after the training program. Distributive attention registered the following results: the number of correct reactions at the final testing increased by an average of 1.26. The means were 130.27 at the initial testing and 131.53 at the final testing, with a percent increase of 1.0%. The number of erroneous reactions at the final testing decreased by an average of 1.66, the mean values being 5.13 at the initial testing and 3.47 at the final testing. The mean performance at the final testing increased by 0.34, the percent increase of the mean performance being 1.3%. During the experiment, the intervention on the five teams was performed three times a week for 20-25 minutes. 

Conclusions. Distributive attention significantly improved following the intervention. Correct reactions increased by 1.26, erroneous reactions decreased by 32.5%, and there was a 1.3 increase in the mean performance at the final testing; the mean increase was not statistically significant, p=0.300>0.05, for Z=-1.036. Focused attention improved following the intervention, correct responses increased by 16.6%, erroneous responses decreased by 67.8% at the final testing, and performance dispersion registered a decrease of only 3.1%, which means that it was not statistically significant, p =0.887>0.05, for Z=-0.142.

 Key words: football, sports performance, distributive attention, focused attention, sport.