Impact of free throws in basketball

Authors: Mircea Olteanu1, Bogdan Oancea2, Dana Bădău3



1 Department of Physical Education and Special Motricity, Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain

Sports, Transylvania University, Brasov, Romania

2 Department of Motor Performance, Faculty of Physical Education and Mountain Sports, Transylvania

University, Brasov, Romania

3 SL2 Department, ”Petru Maior” Faculty of Sciences and Letters, “George Emil Palade” University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology, Targu Mures, Romania



Background. Basketball requires from specialists a complex approach to training through a harmonious and efficient combination of the skill related components that aim at a: physical, technical, tactical, theoretical and psychological preparation. The optimization of the technical and tactical performance of basketball players is conditioned by the implementation of an efficient and individualized game preparation process in relation to the age particularities and the level of specialized sports training.

Aims. The hypothesis of this preliminary study, started from the assumption that by applying some evaluation tests, one standardized and three designed by us, of the effectiveness of free throws at the basket, we would be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of implementing the innovative device in the specific process of sports training.

Methods. The evaluation was carried out by applying two categories: Category 1 – purpose, Category 2 – Disclosure of the standardized questionnaire called “Expert’s opinion template questionnaire on the impact of free throws in basketball”. The questionnaire was applied individually and completed using the Google Forms platform.

Results. The results show that the Cronbach’s indicator score is 0.982, which is one of the fundamental requirements for an assessment instrument to be reliable and consistent. The majority of coaches (85%) believe that free throw shooting can decide the success of a basketball game.

Conclusions. The overall conclusion is that by implementing the free-throw improvement device (“System and device for sport-specific motor learning and usage mode”) the result could be the standardization and improvement of sports training focused on free-throw improvement;


Key words: communication, free-throwing, basketball, training, innovative device, motor learning.


Impact of free throws in basketball