Autumn sports competitions in search of tradition

(Huedin – 1st ed., Răchițele-Mărgău – 11th ed. and Cămărașu – 8th ed.)

 Authors: Crina Laura Ionescu1, Maria-Sofia Baias2, Cristian Potoră1


1 Cluj County School Inspectorate, Romania

2 Transilvania Baciu Special Secondary School, Cluj, Romania


Friday and Saturday, 14-15 October 2022, marked the start of a special sports competition in Huedin – the first edition of the football championship of special schools in the Cluj County, and also the resumption, after the pandemic lockdown, of two athletic competitions of the rural areas of Cluj County – cross country Cup “Vălul Miresei” [Brides’Veil] in Răchițele, and Cămărașu Sports Contest, all events being under the auspices of Cluj County School Inspectorate, represented by the general deputy inspector Cristian Simion Potoră, and school inspectors Crina Laura Ionescu and Mihaly Bela.

These competitions managed to gather a high number of participants, hundreds of school children from villages and special schools, dozens of teachers and officials from the three locations mentioned.

Key words: Autumn sports competitions, tradition, villages and special schools



Autumn sports competitions in search of tradition