A sharp analysis of the sports in Cluj-Napoca and proposals for its revival

Authors: Dan Draghiciu


Member of the Cluj-Napoca Local Civic Council


The sport movement in Cluj-Napoca is currently undergoing an inauspicious period, in the low, submediocre keynote of the entire sport in Romania, to judge by the results obtained in international competitions. There are only a few individual sparks – David Popovici, Simona Halep, Cristina Neagu, some judokas and rowing teams – while team sports are far from big performances. Team sports require good management, a wide selection base in sports academies, schools etc., good trainers and sports managers, adequate infrastructure and logistics, plus another very important element, a consistent budget. It is really surprising and inexplicable that a university town with over 80.000 students and over 50.000 high school youths, with a Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, a modern infrastructure, even if not complete, should not have competitive teams at a national level.

A solution for improved performance and developing strong and competitive teams could be attracting youths in school and university competitions, which would evidence talent for sports. Part of the budget should be allocated for promoting school competitions for “under 16 and under 19 years” in all sports, girls and boys (volleyball, handball, basketball, 7 rugby, soccer, athletics – all Olympic sports). The management of these competitions should be under a strong traditional club like U Cluj-Napoca, who would be in charge of the regulations and logistics (halls, grounds, equipment, referees etc.), depending on the number of participants. Sports teachers and trainers will also be rewarded.

Keywords: sharp analysis of the sports, solution for improved performance, facilities for sporting students



A sharp analysis of the sports in Cluj-Napoca and proposals for its revival