Remedial activities for social integration through sport. Sport Educational Partnership Project

Authors: Maria-Sofia Baias1,3, Cristian-Simion Potoră2, Cosmina-Simona Urs3, Dumitru Stamate4,

Crina Laura Ionescu2


1 Physical Education and Sports Faculty, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2 Cluj County School Inspectorate, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

3 Transilvania Baciu Special Secondary School, Cluj, Romania

4 ”Ion Agârbiceanu” Secondary School, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


In this paper we would like to share the results of the first edition of this educational partnership project, which was implemented in two different stages, with the participation of students from five schools from Cluj County. Based on remedial sport activities, this educational project aims to involve pupils from primary/junior high school who are often the target of isolation and lack of communication due to the mistrust of others in their abilities.

Through the individual skills sports competitions organized for this group of beneficiaries, we wanted to demonstrate to families and members of close communities that these people can and want to do sports, even if they are not capable of performing, and that through these remedial sports activities self-esteem and confidence in their own strengths increases considerably. Among students with special education needs who have higher physical abilities and who come from foster homes, special schools, or are integrated into mainstream schools, there are athletes who have a higher degree of independence and social skills, who can do team sports and interact with those around them more easily, but who need movement to maintain a healthy lifestyle and interaction with members of their communities to demonstrate the qualities and skills acquired through regular training and participation in sports competitions. Social integration, belonging to a group, collegiality, team spirit, increased self-esteem, the pleasure of moving in an organized environment and taking part in a sport competition are among the major effects that this project had on the students.

Keywords: sport, remedial activities, special education needs.



Remedial activities for social integration through sport. Sport Educational Partnership Project