Book reviews: Talent Development. A Practitioner and Parents Guide (2nd Edition)

Author (the book reviewer): Gheorghe Dumitru


Sports medicine primary doctor, Constanta, Romania.


The process of talent development is essential to success in any sport, as also in many other fields of activity, and that the interest for this topic has recently skyrocketed all over the world. In this situation and taking into consideration that every year there has been an exponential growth in this area – an expansion that has even spawned a new type of sport scientist, the so called ”talent scientist” – the book we will present this time can be considered a much waited and really welcomed one, even if it comes after only four years from its first edition.

The provocative text of the new edition represents the result of a laudable collaborative effort, and it draws on the latest evidence and a considerable experience base of both the authors and the two editors. Dispelling myths about talent development and outlining the real and proved truths, it offers both theoretical foundations and practical advice on the talent development pathway, from the pre-school age and novice condition of the future athlete to the elite level. Having the above mentioned qualities and pluses explains why the book will be of real usefulness to all those the authors intended to address -coaches, scientists, administrators, educators, students, parents, policymakers and senior development athletes -, facilitating them the access to a modern, evidence-based and efficient vision and practice on talent identification and development in sport.

Key words: talent development, talent scientist



Book reviews: Talent Development. A Practitioner and Parents Guide (2nd Edition)