Book reviews: Developing Game Sense in Physical Education and Sport

Author: Gheorghe Dumitru



The game sense model is a modern instructional approach, developed by the two authors during a close cooperation of over 25 years with teachers of physical education and sports coaches. It is a concept and model already proved to be useful for both categories of professionals in physical activity and sports.

The particularity and advantages of the model is that it emphasizes the development of tactical, technical, and strategic skills within game contexts, and not through practicing isolated skill drills. Moreover, as teachers and coaches will also be more efficient in helping 8 to 16 year old learners to develop personal and interpersonal skills, students and/or athletes will be able to more successfully participate in, and enjoy, team games.

Of course, the book we are presenting now is inspired by the same authors’ previous work (from 2011), entitled Developing Game Sense Through Tactical Learning.


Key words: game sense, physical education and sport, technical and strategic skills, game contexts.



Health, Sports & Rehabilitation Medicine Vol. 21, no. 4, October-December 2020