Events: This year also the rural autumn cross country races were a success (Borșa – 4th ed., Răchiţele -Mărgău – 9th ed. and Frata – 5th ed.)

Authors: Cristian Potora, Laura Ionescu


This year, all autumn cross country races took place in October, the organizers taking advantage of the extremely favorable weather for such outdoor competitions. Thus, the races were held in Borșa on 7 October, in Răchițele on 20 October, and in Frata on 29 October. The novelty this year was that the number of participating centers and consequently the number of participants was higher than last year.

As usual, the educational health prevention project in rural areas Sport – an alternative for a healthy life 2019- 2020 started with the autumn cross country running races and will continue with cross country ski races as part of the winter competitions scheduled for January-February 2020 and with the 2020 spring cross country running races. We mention that all these are rural competitions

Key words: cross country, project, rural areas