The impact of physical activity on body fat and self-esteem in adult women

Authors: Alexandra Giurgiu, Iacob Hanțiu



Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Doctoral School, “Babeș-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania



Background. An active life entails many physical, social, and psychological benefits, and there is a direct proportionality between physical activity and life expectancy. According to the 2018 Special Eurobarometer, the proportion of Europeans who have never exercised or played a sport continues to grow.

Aims. Through this study we aimed at analyzing the effect of physical activity programs on the percentage of body fat and self-esteem in adult women.

Methods. The participants selected in the study were 89 adult women aged 23 to 57, the average age being 31.62 (SD = 6.60). Anthropometric measurements were made, and questionnaires were applied to collect data and interpret them according to the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale. The data thus obtained were statistically processed using IBM SPSS 23.0 software, by performing descriptive analysis, checking distribution and means comparison.

Results. Between the means of body fat percentages, calculated before and after subject’s participation in the physical training program, the differences were quite significant (t = 30.765, df = 88, p = .000), the outcome effect being quite substantial (d = 3.26). Significant differences were also recorded in the assessment of self-esteem (SE) before and after participation in the intervention programs (z = -7.910, df = 88, p =.000, d = -.84).

Conclusions. The study found that the effect of the participation of some adult women in the physical activity programs consisted of a decrease in the percentage of their body fat and subsequently an increase in self-esteem.


Key words: physical activity, self-esteem, body fat, adult women


The impact of physical activity on body fat and self-esteem in adult women