Eye-hand relationship of proprioceptive motor control and coordination in children 10–11 years old

Authors: Dan Alexandru Szabo1, Nicolae Neagu1, Silvia Teodorescu2, Ioan Sabin Sopa3



1George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Targu Mures

2National University of Physical Education and Sport of Bucharest

3“Lucian Blaga” University Sibiu, Faculty of Science, Department of Environmental Science, Physics, Physical Education and Sport



Background. Eye-hand coordination refers to the capacity to use the vision skill to guide hand movements and is vital not only in sports activities but also in everyday life and jobs.

Aims. Our investigation tried to identify statistically significant variations between 110 children, aged 10–11 years old, from five different schools in Targu Mures – Romania, who practice or not sports activities, comparing genders, and also correlating those who practice predominantly arm or leg sports.

Methods. As a research method, we used the hand-eye coordination test and also examined the obtained data with professional statistical programs.

Results. The results showed that between genders there is a statistically significant difference with better results in the eye-hand coordination test in the male gender. Also, a statistically significant difference was found between those who practiced sport and those who did not, and also between genders. No statistical difference was found between predominantly leg and arm sports.

Conclusions. The conclusions of our investigation highlighted a statistically significant difference between the numbers of executions in the female gender compared with males and also between the median number of executions in students who practice sports and those who do not, and between the average number of executions for the female and male gender for those who practice sports.


Key words: eye-hand coordination; balance; motor activities.


Eye-hand relationship of proprioceptive motor control and coordination in children 10–11 years old