Cryotherapy in Athletes



Author: Valeria Laza



“Iuliu-Haţieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Hygiene, Department of Community Medicine



Topical cryotherapy procedures such as ice packs, cold-water immersion or cold-water ingestion have been used since ancient times to cure malaise or pain and to improve health and recovery. Since the 1970s the Japanese have invented whole-body cryotherapy, using special closed rooms where the temperature is gradually decreased by using liquid nitrogen.

In the world of sport, cryotherapy is now used in most clubs as a highly effective procedure for preparing and fostering pre-competitive athletes, for recovery after race and sport injuries, and to extend the competitive life of athletes.

Despite the numerous studies demonstrating the positive influence of cryotherapy on muscle recovery and damage, the optimal protocol remains insufficiently studied and established, and investigations are still not unanimous on the results.

More studies are required to determine the method security and to track the effects on athletic performance.


Key words: cryotherapy, athletes, recovery


Cryotherapy in Athletes