The degree of influence on the students’ physical condition during the period of pandemic restrictions

Authors: Remus Dumitrescu1, Liana-Roxana Stylianou2


1 Department of Physical Education and Sport, University of Bucharest, Romania

2 PROMEMORIA Medical Center, Bucharest, Romania


Background. According to the data submitted by the Health Ministry, the number of chronic diseases determined by deficient nutrition and by lack of physical movement increases by day, developing extremely fast metabolic risks, risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer or psycho-emotional disorders. Undoubtedly the effects generated by the pandemic, amplified this phenomenon that erodes health, the risk of developing chronic associated diseases increases dramatically.

Aims. Identifying some eventual changes in the students’ physical condition who were subjected to the pandemic restrictions (the experimental group 2021), compared to the students who benefited from the face to face teaching (the control group 2020).

Methods. The study included a number of 351 students (boys and girls) from the University of Bucharest, from all years of study, who were signed up for chess classes, sports mountain activities and sports nautical activities from which 209 students were part of the control group (2020) and 142 experimental group (2021, pandemic). A Microsoft Excel program for determining the following statistical parameters: a) T bilateral TEST; b) Average; c) dispersion; d) number of participants; e) Null hypothesis; f) df; g) t Stat; h) P(T<=t); i) t Critical; j) ANOVA Test was used.

Results. The results tell us that the values obtained do not show statistical significant differences, but there was a single exception in the case of determining the Resting Basal Metabolism.

Conclusions. We identified the existence of a high grade of honesty from the experimental group (2021, pandemic), regarding self-determining and electronic transmitting of the requested parameters, but no substantial differences were indicated for the parameters collected using the electronic method (email).

Key words: pandemic effects, physical condition, self-determining of morpho-functional and motor parameters.



The degree of influence on the students’ physical condition during the period of pandemic restrictions