The importance of nutrition care platforms for Romanian dietitians’ practice

Authors: George Vrapcea, Monica Tarcea


Community Nutrition and Food Safety Department, “George Emil Palade” University of Medicine,

Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Targu Mures, Romania


Background. It is essential for dietitians to have a program or software that they can connect to, and easily access data for proper assessment of nutritional status and food composition.

Aims. Our objective was to design a digital platform for nutritional intervention (named “Nutrition ARTS”) to facilitate the nutritional care process and pinpoint the benefits it may bring to dietitians.

Methods. The platform has been made available on both desktop or phone, and a total of 58 undergraduate and graduate students from the university of Targu Mures (GEP UMPhST) were granted access to use all its features. As a research method, an online survey was distributed to the users through email (also made directly available from the platform).

Results. The platform’s features mentioned in the questionnaire were considered helpful. All the respondents stated that they intend to use Nutrition ARTS in their professional practice and would be likely to suggest it to other colleagues.

Conclusions. Romanian dietitians have shown a significant level of interest in digital practice, and it is vital that they have access to a platform with as many facilities as possible to help them with their work and improve professional performance.

Key words: nutrition platform, meal planner, food database, digitalization.



The importance of nutrition care platforms for Romanian dietitians’ practice