Book reviews – Winning Ways of Women Coaches

Author: Gheorghe Dumitru


Within this new book the respective contributors present some very personal, unique stories, insights and advices, but at the same time all of them highlight the fact that regardless of the fact that they had led teams or individuals to national, world and Olympic championship, or been a pioneer in profession, at the college level, far more important than coaching their sport was how they communicated with, cared for, and developed their athletes.

The content of this new “Bible of women coaching” is distributed into 20 chapters and three parts; the parts, being dedicated to coaching career path, program development and management, as well as athlete engagement and growth.

It is a volume of the same kind as She can coach (2004), and to which – also like in that case – have contributed other 20 colleagues; some of the exceptional women coaches in the world coming from 15 different sports and several countries. A really fruitful collaboration which resulted in the most comprehensive resource for actual and future women coaches.

Key words: Women coaches, women equal opportunity, women’s sports


Book reviews – Winning Ways of Women Coaches