Book reviews: Developing Game Sense in Physical Education and Sport

Author: Gheorghe Dumitru



The book we present this time has already reached its 3rd edition, 2013 and 2017 being the years when Adam R. Nicholls, professor within the University of Hull, UK, has launched the previous two editions of this invaluable tool for all those involved in sports coaching. Apart from the “old” chapters, updated to include the latest theory and research that was published since the second edition, the actual text comes now with three new sequences: chapters 2, 12 and 20.

It is a work which addresses both any student of sports coaching and practicing coaches, but at the same time the students of sports psychology as well. And this because it helps all of them to fully understand the fundamentals of sport psychology, to interact with all types of athletes and create an optimal environment for their personality expression, to identify their weaknesses and strengths, and to assess their actual psychological needs, for designing individualized interventions in the hope of maximizing the performances within competitions.

The text of this mandatory reading for effective coaching in sports is distributed into 6 parts – of which the most voluminous are the last three – and a total of 27 chapters.


Key words: sports psychology, psychological needs, individualized interventions, performances.



Book reviews: Developing Game Sense in Physical Education and Sport