Book reviews: Fundamentals of plyometric training

Author: Silvia Teodorescu



The book elaborated by the distinguished Prof. Dr. Neagu Nicolae Emilian falls, through the content of the issues addressed, in the field of the training methodology for athletes, and approaches plyometric training in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner, where theory does not appear as a goal per se, but helps in understanding the complex mechanisms of plyometrics as a method with optimizing and potentiating influences on individual sports performance.

Through this book written in several distinct and complementary registers, informative-explanatory, by introducing into the scientific circuit fundamental theories and concepts related to plyometric training, critical-evaluative, by presenting this type of training corroborated with some observations that help in optimizing the training methodology, and not least, epistemological-methodological, the author manages to increase awareness about and demonstrate the complexity of a profession that involves a level of interdisciplinary training beyond unipersonal empiricism and motivation.

This volume is extremely important for the field of motor activities in general and for high performance sport in particular through the informational support made available to scientific users, as well as by the way of addressing issues submitted to analysis and scientific interpretation.


Key words: plyometric training, motor activities, high performance sport.


Book reviews: Fundamentals of plyometric training